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  Forbes.com has an article that lists the 100 most powerful women in the world.  What make these women powerful?  They each have different backgrounds that range from entertainment, sports, politicians, activists, and/or businesswomen.  In a world dominated by men, these women have made their mark to be recognized as they are now. On a… Read more »

Unleashing Your Potential

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Unleashing Your Potential Po ·ten· tial pəˈten(t)SHəl/ (adj) capable of becoming real (n) an ability that someone has that can be developed to help that person become successful   Potential is everything that you could be, but have yet to become. It is the goal that you’ve set that you have yet to accomplish. It… Read more »

Know Your Worth

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Ladies, have you ever wondered what your true value is when dating or looking for that special someone?  So many times I hear single women talk about what they want in a man/life partner.  Before really evaluating what you want in a man, I think we all should do some self-reflecting on ourselves to know… Read more »

The BIG “O”: Fake or Real

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I’ve heard and read many stories about women who fake orgasms.   I’ve also never understood this.  Why would you fake an orgasm when you can have the real thing? I guess this needs further discussion to understand these actions.  I will admit that in my early days, with very limited experience, I had no clue… Read more »

The Lost Art of Communication

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Who knew the lost art of communication could be just a basic telephone conversation in the new age of dating?  If you have to ask yourself when was the last time you conversed with someone you were dating, then you may have fallen victim to this phenomena.   During this digital and technological age, we have… Read more »

10 Problems only a tall girl will understand

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Sure I’m only 5′ 10″ but it seems like not a day goes by where someone doesn’t reference my height or think that because I’m all legs, that I’m much taller than I say. For example, on Friday, I visited a local LA Fitness in hopes of grabbing a membership but was totally turned by… Read more »