Most people think it’s really difficult to maintain relationships, but in reality it can be fairly simple.  Whether in our everyday lives of work, friendships, and/or relationships with a spouse or significant other; there are commonalities for a healthy bond.


Can any relationship be successful without the commitment? Can one really be successful in a career without the commitment to that career? Without a commitment, the connection lacks the fire and passion needed to maintain that bond.  If you have not committed to the relationship, it may be a complete waste of time.  Granted, the commitment must be retrieved on both sides, but you must be true to yourself.  If you feel the relationship is not worth the commitment, then it may be time to evaluate the status.  Do you find yourself giving more to a friendship that is not reciprocated?  Is it time to move on to other careers goals or is it time to drop that zero so you don’t miss out on your hero?  Only you know the answer!


How many times do you feel your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or boss should know what you’re feeling?  It happens more often than you know.  The reality is that if the words have not been articulated from your mouth to the intended party, you have to know that your feelings have not been transferred.  As you’ve probably heard before, communication is probably the most important of all for a healthy relationship, especially in matters of love between a male and female.  Men are wired to think with logic while women are wired to think with emotion 99% of the time.  With this dynamic, there has to be a shift for men to cater to their feelings as well as their mate’s.  This is vice versa for women.  Many times there are so many misconceptions and misunderstandings that could have been avoided with just basic communication.  Does your employer know you have aspirations do more in your career and move up in the company?  If this has not been communicated, you are doing yourself a disservice. Communication will always be the most vital piece of the puzzle for successful agreements and relationships.


Have you ever been told to choose your battles carefully?  This also works the same in relationships.  Any relationship will be based on a little give and take.   Being able to compromise can be the difference in having great relations with your partner or being alone.  In the day in age of the “independent woman” this may be hard to do for some; however, you have to decide if the compromise is worth the gain or loss.  In most scenarios, the gain is usually worth the compromise.  I’m not saying you have to sell your soul to the devil; but in matters of the heart, you have examine the situation with all parties in mind.  Having a selfish mind-set will hinder you from being successful in this area of a relationship.   While the relationship is about you and your happiness, it’s not always about you when you have to consider your partner.  If you are with a partner that does not ever want to compromise with you, then there may be compatibility issues.  If there is equal give and take, then choose your battles wisely for the sake of a healthy relationship.

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