Who knew the lost art of communication could be just a basic telephone conversation in the new age of dating?  If you have to ask yourself when was the last time you conversed with someone you were dating, then you may have fallen victim to this phenomena.   During this digital and technological age, we have gotten so caught up in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of texting, emailing, and posting to social media that we have simply forgotten to take to time to really get to know someone.

Before the evolution of so much technology, the best way to get to know someone you were dating would be just a simple phone call.  Remember when there was no call waiting and other person calling would get a busy signal?  When did we get to the point where talking on the phone is so unpopular?  Ladies, go back to the time when you grew up during this era.  Do you remember those long talks on the phone when you would finish the call feeling warm and fuzzy or giddy inside?  Those long conversations made the face-to-face meeting so much more exhilarating.

I do understand that getting to know someone is not always a very easy thing to do.  I know texting or emailing may be easy, but it leaves so many gaps in the communication process.  By talking over the phone, you get to learn inflections and meanings of true intent behind words that are spoken.  As a lady, I must say I love to hear the sounds and rumble of a very sexy, masculine voice.  That cannot be done in a text message.  If you’re shy and timid, sometimes, the phone conversation give you courage to express or  say things you may not be willing to share openly face to face, especially with someone you are trying to get to know.

Ladies, if you are really trying to find that special someone and you feel dating is really important, you should take the time and make time to get to know that special someone.  Don’t just settle for the basic text or the basic email.  Until you get to the stage of dating where the relationship has becomes more serious, you should not settle on those forms of communication only.  Even if you’re only able to spare some time before going to bed to have that phone conversation, then do so.  If you are both talking to each other before going to bed, then it’s a strong possibility he’s not seeing someone else.   That would definitely be a bonus! Take that chance and have the opportunity to wake up the next morning feeling warm and fuzzy.  While the new age technology is great for all of us, let’s not let it take away our ability to speak over the phone.

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