photo-1437913135140-944c1ee62782 has an article that lists the 100 most powerful women in the world.  What make these women powerful?  They each have different backgrounds that range from entertainment, sports, politicians, activists, and/or businesswomen.  In a world dominated by men, these women have made their mark to be recognized as they are now.

On a much smaller scale, what are we doing or what can we do now to make sure our young girls can become the most powerful women of tomorrow in this male-dominant society?  Regardless of race, religion or creed, we all must do our part to help the young girls of today.  Even if you are not a mother of a daughter, you should know of a mother, aunt, sister, or friend who has a daughter, niece, or sister.

It must begin with education.  Not just education in the schools, but other educational programs that help instill self-esteem, confidence, and independence.  If you do not have someone you can directly influence, then there are several organizations that love to have volunteers and mentors for their various programs.  If you lack some of these qualities yourself, then I recommend you seek out the same programs for this reason as well.  Unfortunately, everything can’t be learned or taught at school.  This is one of those instances where the saying “it takes a village” holds true.  There are so many local woman of power and organizations that can provide this additional support where girls can find their inner inspiration to channel their inner power.

In additional to educational programs, there are other extracurricular programs such as sports, dance, drama, and other clubs.  As a parent, you can always become an influential part of a program to help girls excel in their extracurricular activities.  It really means a lot to a young girl to get a “great job” from someone else other than their coach or instructor.  Unfortunately, all kids don’t have the traditional household and luxury of two parents in that household.  Some kids in low income areas don’t have one parent and are oftentimes with a grandparent or other relative.  When you assist in building self-esteem and confidence with other girls, it becomes contagious.  You get to see what you have done to help make that young girl become a better person.  Just take note of a child at the beginning of the program and see how she has progressed at the end of the program.  You will see the fruits of your labor.

If you have a daughter, then your work begins at home as soon as she has come from the womb.  You should and will be the most powerful woman your daughter sees.  Your daughter must see that you are beautiful inside and out; strong, confident, independent, and has self-esteem.  You must lead by example, by telling your daughter she is beautiful, strong, confident, and powerful.  This assurance will build a wall around your daughter that can’t be torn down by outsides forces such as bullies and boys.  When she leaves home, there will be no doubt in her mind she is who she is and she will not be able to allow someone else to identify who she is.

Start now to do your part in helping our girls become as powerful as they can be!


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