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I’ll be honest with you, I’ve got no game and have recently just begun dating again after well over a year, but within weeks, I’ve learned that the whole process has become pretty lame. It was only last week when my maintenance man compared my skin to a batch of “fresh golden french fries,” from McDonald’s, followed up by a quick “You wanna catch dinner sometime?” that I realized I really don’t mind being single.

Don’t get me wrong, a good, corny pick-up line can go a long way. Especially when you make a woman laugh. But there are a handful of pick-up lines that could be tossed out ASAP.

Then again, if I could have it my way, everyone would be severely direct… no need for witty one liners, game or waiting three days after a good a$$ time to hit up the person you’re interested in…

So, fellas… I’ve complied a list of lines we’re sure you think are winners, but in reality could go… like now…

1. Do I know you? This is simply a ploy to start a conversation. Some men are even more persistent with this line, demanding they know you from a party… in the eighth grade.

2. “Do you believe in love at first sight—or should I walk by again?”  Just walk away altogether :o/

3. Aye ma! Ma! Can I get your number? Now, if you’re like me (super rude) and anyone who calls you “Ma,” “Sexy,” or “Guuul” gets an immediate “Hell nah bruh” be ready for their follow-up — “You weren’t all that cute anyway.” Now, while you think this would turn off most women. I have seen this line do quite the opposite.

4. “Feel my shirt. Know what it’s made of? Boyfriend material.” Lol! I have to admit, while this line is hilarious, the man who used it, was fresh off the treadmill. PSA, no woman is trying to touch anyone’s sweat drenched Under Armour!

5. “Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?” If you’ve ever hit up a happy hour solo, you may have encountered the self-proclaimed comedian at the bar, who thought he was personal genie in the lamp. Funny… but not so much!

– you’re welcome.

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